Fuel cleaning Cornwall

Quest fuel services is one of the industry leaders in fuel cleansing systems and tank cleaning.

We offer the most advanced fuel cleaning systems available.

All fuel systems are vulnerable to contamination by water, sludges and microbes, especially when bio-fuels are involved. Dirty fuel can damage equipment and machinery incurring expensive repair bills and costly down time to put right. Your reputation as a professional and efficient company can depend on providing services and products on time and therefore keeping down time to a minimum is crucial , keeping fuel quality high also has other advantage such as  keeping fuel filters cleaner for longer, excessive filter changes and usage can also prolong down time and eat away at profit margins.

Prevention is better than cure, and we recommend a regular maintenance programme to keep fuel in pristine condition. Fuel polishing is one of the most economical methods of increasing the useful life of your fuel, by removing harmful contaminants, water and others from storage tanks.

Quest fuel services’ mobile fuel cleansing units combines filtration and cleansing with the addition of a specially formulated fuel supplement. sludges, water and microbes are removed, and the stored fuel is cleansed at the same time.

Our mobile fuel cleansing units can treat any amount of fuel, from 1,000 litres to 50,000 litres per hour. We bring our custom-built mobile fuel cleansing unit to your site. With no need for de-gassing or fuel removal for safe and efficient outcome.

For more information call 01209 316400 or email us at info@questfs.co.uk

Quest Fuel Services Cornwall

Quest fuel services is a family run Cornish company that operates through out the southwest in the following counties Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset

We do however go further a field on request, we carry out specialist fuel services through both the domestic and commercial markets please visit our commercial, Domestic and services pages on our website for more information