Fuel Tank Purging Cornwall

Quest fuel services provides an environmentally sensitive oil tank purging and waste removal service that complies with and exceeds all relevant safety guidelines.

Employing only expertly trained operators, the services available include:

  • Draining and disposal of residual product
  • Uplift of tank bottoms and removal of sludge using vacuum tankers
  • Clearance and flushing of pipework
  • Manual cleaning of tanks using Confined Space trained operatives
  • Option of remote mechanical cleaning using high pressure washing or an industrial butter washer
  • Testing and issuing of gas free certificates by certified personnel
  • Oil Tank decommissioning

Quest fuel services has a vast amount of experience in oil tank decommissioning in accordance with Environment Agency guidelines and industry best practice. The services include temporary mothballing by disconnecting all pipes and sealing all but the tank vent, water filling (this is a short term solution only) and permanent tank decommissioning using concrete slurry or inert foam.

Quest Fuel Services Cornwall

Quest fuel services is a family run Cornish company that operates through out the southwest in the following counties Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset

We do however go further a field on request, we carry out specialist fuel services through both the domestic and commercial markets please visit our commercial, Domestic and services pages on our website for more information